Farther Afield Submission

I want to tell your story about what the outdoors means to you through my art!

I am in a group show this summer called "Farther Afield" which will focus on the importance and the impact of outdoor recreation for anyone who identifies as a woman. The show takes place at Port Angeles Fine Arts Center July 16-Sept. 4th, 2022.

How to participate:

1. Submit an image of yourself in an outdoor space. Don't worry if the scenery doesn't look like a Bob Ross painting or if you're not doing an extreme activity. This is about you and the story that you want to tell. Could be something as simple as walking in a park or sitting by a lake. 

2. Write 3-5 sentences that captures the core of your story. Your name and words will be on display alongside the painting. 

3. Don't forget to include your name and preferred pronouns.

4. Share! - please share this link with anyone else who might be interested. 


I hope to create 10 paintings that showcase women of many skin colors, ages, and experiences. With that said, I may not be able to paint all of the submissions. I will contact you if I've decided to include you in the series.

If I sell an original at the show, then I will donate the money to GirlVentures. GirlVentures is a non-profit that combines outdoor adventure with social emotional learning for adolescent girls, at a critical time in their lives. GirlVentures' programs nurture girls’ self-esteem, resilience, and leadership skills, catalyzing their development as empathetic, confident conservationists and allies. To learn more visit, girlventures.org

If I don't sell the original during the show, then I'm happy to gift it to you at no cost.

Thank you for your bravery to show up and allow me the incredible opportunity to use my art to tell your story!

- Bethany (she/her)